Japan's first and most popular EPG service. Partners with broadcasters nation wide to provide the most comprehensive coverage in Japan.

Currently there are over 46 million G-GUIDE TVs and recorders making G-GUIDE the standard in Japan.

G-GUIDE Mobile

The No. 1 EPG smart phone app in Japan, providing real time updates to broadcasters schedules in Japan, great features, rich images and content.

Currently, G-GUIDE Mobile has over 34 million downloads making it the largest EPG app in Japan.

Syndicated G-GUIDE

Japan's largest web based EPG service.

Starting in December, 2016, Syndicated G-GUIDE collaborates with partners such as YAHOO! Japan, Nintendo, So-Net and many others. Having over 17 million monthly visitors and over 170 million page views a month, Syndicated G-GUIDE is Japan's largest EPG web network.


Company Name IPG, Inc.
Address Shiodome East Side Building 6F, Tsukiji 5-4-18, Chou-ku Tokyo 104-0045 Japan

Tel:+81 3 3544 2811 Fax: +81 3 3524 9810
Established April 22, 1999
Capitalization 100 Million JPY
Employees 52 (including part time) *As of July, 2017
Main Shareholders Dentsu, TiVo Corporation, Tokyo News Service, LTD.
President/CEO Jin Hoshino
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